Friday, October 21, 2011

Episode 15 - The Call of Cthulhu (Parts 1&2) by H.P. Lovecraft

Tonight marks the culmination of our week of dedicated solely to the H.P. Lovecraft...and we finish with   one of the most involved, expansive and important works he's ever put to paper. The Phantom Frequency
We're happy you've returned to witness the beginning of the end with one of the greatest writings of H.P. Lovecraft's career tonight.

While certainly not brief (tonight's presentation of Part 1&2, alone, runs just shy of an hour), The Call of Cthulhu manages to shed as much light on The Lovecraftian universe as could possibly fit in a Three Act story.  This evening; we hear epic and horrifying tales of The Great Old Ones, dark and violently ritualistic cults, madness and eons of creations beyond space, time and sanity...not to mention, the Dark Priest himself.

Also, keep a sharp ear out for quite a few instances of our previous stories this week creeping their way into this episode.

Remember to join us again next week as, after we conclude The Call of Cthulhu (Part 3) on Monday, we will return to our regularly scheduled broadcasting of varied authors.

The Phantom Frequency proudly presents - The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

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The Cast:
Narrator - Josh Dunford

Produced/Recorded - Grant Cornelison
Music - Kevin MacLeod
Additional Music - Blake Pichon
Directed - Josh Dunford